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My Quantum kit car

My 1st and still ongoing project

The mean green machine.

2 Mk1 Quantum saloons to rebuild

I now own 2 Mk1 Quantum saloons. Quantum Mk2 Coupe

Now undergoing the "impossible"

My new Quantum Mk2 coupe
Quantum H4

A car at a price i couldn't refuse.

Engine Transplant

RS1800i Zetec into Quantum 2+2

Pictures only so far

Engine Transplant

Fiesta RS Turbo  into Quantum 2+2

Pictures only so far

DTA Engine Management system

Fitting and setting up

Zetec/CVH Hybrid engine

How to build your own.


Ford Zetec/CVH engine project 2+2 hood

Notes on fitting the hood and door seals.

Notes on fitting the 2+2 hood and door seals.
Ford gearboxs

Stripping and rebuilding.   

Under construction.

Quantum articles

Articles and reviews from the mags.    Under construction.

Zetec engine in a Mk2 Fiesta

How to do it.

How to fit a Zetec engine in a Mk2 Fiesta
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