Fitting a Zetec engine in a Mk2 Fiesta


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    This page is still at quite an early stage of construction (even though the car is now on the road).

This page is to cover the fitting of a complete fuel injected Zetec engine into a Mk2 Fiesta.

Unfortunately the conversion was done in a rush over the Christmas holidays in 2001/2 and as a result there are very few pictures of the conversion, more will be added later.

You can use the 1.6 or 1.8 Zetec engine from the Mk3/4 Fiestas or Mk5/6 Escorts.

If you want a 2.0 you will have to use the one from the Mondeo but it has many differences requiring quite a few parts from an Fiesta or Escort Zetec engine, these are listed below.

The Zetec engine basically fits straight into the MK2 Fiesta, you don't need to cut away any of the chassis or body to make it fit with the possible exception of the battery tray. It bolts straight onto a Mk2 XR2 gearbox or a later one from a MK3 Fiesta or even a Escort RST box with a limited slip diff.

However my engine was less complete than some may be, there might be problems associated with using the Zetec exhaust downpipe and cat, also problems with engines with power steering and aircon compressors attached though I suspect they will normally be removed.

To see how to fit a complete Zetec engine in a Mk1 Fiesta visit

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Details of modified or changed parts.
Top engine mounting Wiring loom Petrol tank Fuel pump
Plumbing Oil Filter


Inlet manifold
Air Filter Battery Accelerator cable Radiator fan switch
Temp gauge sender      
Parts needed from a 1.6/1.8 Zetec Fiesta or Escort if using a Mondeo Zetec engine.
Flywheel Dipstick & tube   Gearbox Shim/Spacer Oil pick up  
Sump   Inlet manifold and injection Exhaust manifold Oil Pump
Water Pump      


Details of what needs doing.

Top left engine mounting.

The CVH one nearly fits straight on, nearly....
The top 2 bolts line up and put the mounting at the right height but the 3rd hole on the bottom right is about 10mm higher on the Zetec block .
This is under the horizontal section of the bracket so it's not just a case of drilling a new hole.
I hacked off the section of the bracket that's over the hole that can't be used and will weld some extra plate on to the bracket to pick up on the bottom left hole in the picture.
Initially I made and welded on the extra lug to pick up on the bottom left.
Welded quite nicely, I welded an edge around the lug, just like the original.
After I'd done that I looked at the last hole, the bottom right one and decided to use that one as well.
I cut a slot through the horizontal section of the bracket and welded in a tube to take the 4th bolt.

N.B The above description and pictures are of the bracket on my ZVH conversion, the actual one on my Fiesta just has the 3 mountings, I didn't bother with the tube for the 4th hole.

CVH top engine mount, 2 of the 3 bolts line up.A few bits removed. A few more bits stuck back on.All 4 bolt holes used
Oil Filter.


Some of the Zetecs seem to have a very long filter which would hit the driveshaft, just use one from a CVH which is shorter.




You may well be able to use the Zetec alternator and bracket if your engine came with one, mine didn't.

I used the CVH underhanging alternator mounting bracket, which bolts straight on, this is the normal one on the Mk2 XR2.
There is also an over hung bracket used on some CVH's where the alternator is mounted higher.

I did however have to by a Zetec alternator with the flat belt pulley, Ford don't sell the pulley separately.

Under hung bracket and alternator.
Wiring loom

The wiring loom for the ECU and engine needs to be grafted into the XR2 loom.

Using the complete Fiesta/Escort Zetec loom isn't really feasible as there would be massive duplication of the existing loom and fusebox etc.

I used a Mondeo Zetec engine loom which is a separate section to the main Mondoe car loom and connects to it using a large multi plug. It doesn't however contain the 2 relays and several fuses needed to control  the power supply to the ecu and fuel pump so I had to make up an auxiliary fuse box with these in, it has only 2 connections into the car loom, the original ignition feed that used to go to the coil and a feed back to the rev counter, again using the connection to the coil. In addition there is a main feed to this new fusebox straight from the battery. It should be quite feasible to strip the required section out of a Fiesta/Escort Zetec loom and use that in a similar way.

The Ecu needs to be mounted inside the car as it's not water proof, you will either need to make a hole through the bulkhead large enough to pass the ecu connector through (about 2") or do what I did and remove all the pins from the Ecu connector so I could feed just the wires through a 1" grommet next to the accelerator cable. The ecu is mounted behind the dash on the wheel arch with the extra fuses and relays on the door pillar.

Auxilary wiring needed if using Mondeo engine loom.
Petrol tank

The tank needs to be replaced with an injection one which has a swirl pot fitted to keep a reserve head of fuel for the fuel pump when the fuel level is low (less than 1/3rd). There was a fuel injected Fiesta 1.4 made in Europe so the Ford tank for that can be used, don't be tempted to use the pattern injection tank sold by the Fiesta Centre as the Taiwanese manufactures version of Fords swirl pot doesn't work.

I fitted a Ford swirl pot (from XR3i tank) in the FC tank as I already had the tank and didn't have enough time to source an alternative.

If you do this don't forget if you try to weld a tank that's had petrol in it recently it will explode.

The "swirl pot" in the Fiesta centre tank.A swirl pot from a Ford tank.The Ford swirl pot fitted in the FC tank.

Fuel pump

Use a fuel pump from a MK3/4 injection Escort or one of many similar hi pressure pumps from another car, I actually used one from a Audi Quattro.

Mount it on the vertical panel just in front of the fuel tank.

Fuel Plumbing

An injection fuel filter needs to be connected in line with the feed pipe from the fuel pump.

I used the existing pipeing for the fuel feed and return even though the return pipe is smaller it doesn't seem to cause a problem.

Inlet manifold

I found out after my engine was all fitted that the inner section of the CVH top engine mounting just fouls on the corner of the Zetec inlet manifold next to the bottom stud. Ideally a few mm of metal needs to be removed from this area before the engine is fitted. I didn't notice until it was fitted so removed some metal with a hammer and chisel !!!.

Air Filter

If you can get it the Zetec air filter housing should fit in the engine bay above the gearbox, it appears from pictures it may just clear the battery tray.

But I couldn't find a Zetec filter box so used a Fiesta RST one instead but that wouldn't fit with the battery still in situe. 

You could of course just stick a cone filter straight onto the airflow meter.


Might need moving to the boot to allow fitment of the air filter housing, if so 5 Metres of battery cable is just long enough.

Get a new battery tray pressing (Ford sell them as they go rusty) and fit it under the boot false floor next to the spare wheel.

A heavy duty junction box can be fitted near where the battery was to join the cables.

Accelerator cable

Use the one from a MK5 Escort EFI as it has the right fitting for the old pedal end but the new throttle body end.

Radiator fan switch

This used to be fitted in the old thermostat housing but there's no space for it on the new housing so it needs to be fitted into an inline adaptor in the top radiator hose.

Temp gauge sender

The Zetec stat housing is plastic so the temp sender has 2 terminals as it can't earth through the stat housing, but the Zetec sender is the wrong valve for the Mk2 Fiesta dash so fit the CVH sender with an M10 crimp tag and a M10 spring washer (preferably stainless steel) under the sender body with a wire connecting it to the cylinder head close by.




The bits that you need to get hold of from a 1.6/1.8 Fiesta or Escort Zetec if you use a 2.0 Mondeo Zetec block and why:

The 2.0 L Zetec is only fitted to the Mondeo, this is a bummer as quite a few bits are different between that and the 1.6/1.8 Zetecs from a Fiesta or Escort which are easier to fit but of course 200cc smaller and we can't have that..



The deep section is in the wrong place on the Mondeo

Gearbox Shim/Spacer.

The thin Spacer plate from between engine & gearbox (different shape). 

2.0 Mondeo Zetec left, 1.8 Fiesta/Escort Zetec right
Oil pick up pipe and strainer.

Different shape needed to fit the new sump. 

Mondeo top, Fiesta bottom.

Dipstick & dipstick tube. 


The 2.0 Mondeo one tries to go through the middle of the Exhaust manifold.
Oil Pump.


The oil filter on the Mondeo Zetec comes straight out of the pump and would foul the chassis rail on the side of the engine bay, the Fiesta/Escort Zetec pump angles the oil filter in and clears the chassis rail.

Some of the Zetecs seem to have a very long filter which would hit the driveshaft, just use one from a CVH which is shorter.




The 2.0 Mondeo one is too big to fit in the CVH gearbox bell housing.

2.0 Mondeo Zetec left, 1.8 Fiesta/Escort Zetec right2.0 Mondeo Zetec left, 1.8 Fiesta/Escort Zetec right
Inlet manifold and injection

The Mondeo system is very different to the Fiesta/Escort system, the manifold is plastic for a start and curves down behind the engine before coming back up with the throttle body horizontal.

Theres no room to fit this setup in the engine bay on the MK2 Fiesta so you will need the complete Fiesta/Escort system.

Exhaust manifold

The Mondeo one has the outlet too far to the gearbox side of the engine bay and the downpipe would have big trouble passing the starter motor.

Water Pump

The Mondeo one is designed to rotate in the opposite direction to the Fiesta/Escort one as it's driven via a much more complicated belt path round all the power steering, air con etc pumps.


Any questions, answers or errors spotted please Email: Jim Hearne


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