Quantum 2plus2 Hood


Some pictures and notes on the hood on my 2plus2, some of the pictures could do with retaking at some point, it was dark when I took them and the flash got a bit confused.


Click on these pictures for bigger images (~80k).


This is the hood on my 2plus2 which doesn't normally leak. The glass stop is set so the top of the glass is about 3mm above the edge of the flap on the hood, this amount will go under the flap as you shut the door and the water drips off the flap instead of running down behind the glass. This was Quantum's last method (as far as I know) of fitting the "hockey stick" section. The previous version was left longer and went all the way up to the corner of the hood, this normally leaks.. The section of glass on the corner seals against the grooved rubber strip stuck to the door pillar.
This picture show the self adhesive grooved rubber strip that goes all the way up the door pillar from the door hinge to the corner of the hood plus about 2mm so the corner of the hood presses into it when it's fitted. This shows the end of the rubber strip, it's cut stepped so part of it goes up behind the corner of the hood. The grooves in the strip seem to help stop leaks.
Sorry, the flash on the camera didn't work too well on this picture, it came out very under exposed. But basically this is what happens if the glass is set too high, it goes over the outside of the flap on the hood and of course loads of water gets it. This occasionally happens on mine the first time the doors are shut when the hoods been put up, it seems to take a while for the hood to regain it's correct shape. This is what you get if the glass is too low, less of a problem than too high but not much, water will still get over the top of the glass and inside the car.
On my 2plus2 I was getting fairly major amounts of water inside the car but it wasn't the hood, it was leaking from the area below the door hinges which is designed to have water in, along the top of the sill and out below the corner of the door opening. It's turned out that on my car at least the area below the hinges wasn't sealed properly. This is with the blanking section of fibreglass pulled out, I've filled the recesses with expanding foam, cut it off with a bread knife level with the drain hole in the door pillar and then covered the foam with several layers of fibreglass resin and mat. I then refitted the side cover with lots of Sikaflex.