The 2 Saloons.

Chassis no 003 and 017

I now own 2 Quantum Mk1 Saloons as below.

The plan now is to restore the red one to it's original condition with just a few tweaks to the engine and the grey one will fully modernised with a Zetec or similar engine fitted.



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Chassis no 003.Chassis no 017




Quantum Saloon Q265GDH.  



This is my next project, picked it up on the 16th of June 2001, along with the Black XR2 you can see in the picture below.

The saloon is serial number 003, i.e the 3rd one made by Quantum and quite possibly the oldest one still around.

This is a MK1 saloon with a complete hatchback and a removable targa panel in the roof.

The later Quantum MK2 saloons had a fixed rear window and a separate boot so strictly speaking this is a hatchback, not a saloon.

The Quantum and the XR2 cost me 600, I had hoped to use the E reg XR2 to replace my D reg one but a quick prod around revealed extensive rust so it was scrapped for spares unfortunately.

The MK1 Saloon is based on a MK1 Fiesta but like this one most had a CVH engine and 5 speed box fitted.





The car as it arrived.


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Doesn't show in the picture but this is one rusty XR2

CVH engine, not the original, that would have been a crossflow.


The front's going to need the most work.Lots of work




I've started stripping the car.




These pictures are just close ups of various bits around the engine bay for future reference.




A few weeks after the pictures above.

No serious problems found so far, millions of washers used to "adjust" things and some areas where I'll need to change things.


Empty engine bay rear left.Empty engine bay rear rightEmpty engine bay front right


Empty engine bay front leftInterior nearly stripped.This is were the interior and much of the rest of the car has ended up


Since the pictures above I've removed everything that's not needed to keep the car movable or water tight.

Next stage is to find a cover for the shell and strip everything else off as well.

As soon as there's nothing left to damage I'm going to borrow a heavy duty steam cleaner  and blast the whole body shell on full power, I'm hoping this will strip all the paint off and reveal any areas of damage. It should also clean up the underneath as well.



Build manual.



Finally managed to get hold of a copy of the build manual thanks to Paul Kynaston another Quantum owner.

You can download a zipped copy of the 34 page manual here it's 4.6 meg in size, or view it online here






It seems this Quantum has a bit more history than I realised, it's been used on Quantum's promotional leaflets as well as being reviewed in at least one magazine.

It seems that Saloons chassis No 001 and 002 were given to friends of Quantum to test and report any problems with, this one, 003 was the first to actually be sold but it appears it was used as a demo car and for magazine reviews for a while first.

Quantums sales brochure from 1988/89

Rear of brochure


This is supposedly  the Quantum with it's 1st owner.

The Quantums first real owner ?


Here's a copy of a review from the May 1988 issued of Kitcars and specials.


Page 1 & 2Page 3Page 4Page 5




And another one from Kitcar July 1988


Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4




My second Quantum saloon


This one is chassis number 017, the last Mk1 saloon kit made, I bought it Feb 2002 for 300, it was being offered for free but by the time I knew about it I had to offer money to jump the queue

It was bought as a kit in 1998 but only got built as far as you see it here by it's previous owner.

Will need to pass a SVA test when it's finished.





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