Pictures of the earlier stages of the build.

Click on thumbnails for 640x480 images (~60k)

Engine with no head on. Engine front & alternator Metering unit.

Extra Servo support brackets Elephants trunk & battery cables from rear of car Escort RS turbo fusebox under dash +extra relays Look, self supporting vent hoses.

Passenger side under dash A mess & internal brake, fuel & battery cables. Battery tray in corner of boot

Where do all those wires go. Must sweep the garage floor Escort RS Turbo gearbox & driveshafts

Back axle Boot

Dash in the wrong place. Front Suspension

The turbo

Front hub with Tarrox disks Rad fan seen thourgh front vent. Through the headlight opening.

Spare wheel holder plus still in use boot support. Very expensive headlights in home cast aluminium mounting brackets

Amps Don't fit your washer bottle here.

Exhaust. Not much space Turbo !  The rad hose doesn't stay there. Fuel pump (from a Porsche)

Wheels Nearly finished engine bay

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