Bond 875 Ranger van


Another new project, a little different, although it is Imp based and I've long been a fan of Imps.

My Dad has one that my Grandad had from new, my brother has had and still has 3 or 4 and I've got a 1967 Singer Chamois Sport lurking in a lockup garage waiting for a restoration one day.

The van is a 1968 'F' reg, only done 22,000 miles and not been on the road since 1975 

It's come as a kit, everything apart from the front and rear suspension has been already removed and is in boxes so it will be fun working out what goes where.

Unfortunately one of it's recent owners decided to remove the old paint by scraping it off and another owner decided to cover the damaged gelcoat up with brush applied very thick red paint. :-(

Getting this paint off is going to be the major part of the restoration, I guess due to it's limited mileage it doesn't seem to have suffered from the fibreglass cracking problems these cars usually seem to.

This is supposed to be a joint project with my brother Mike but that's mainly so I can put it in his workshop without paying rent :-)


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My brother Mike, the shirt says it all Something missing here


More pictures soon.


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